Our schedule and activities include guest speakers and panel discussions on topics such as expanding faculty roles in the business community, building program brand, and attracting international students. You will find that our speakers will add value for associate degree programs as well as bacc/grad schools. This site also contains the conference agenda and other links of interest for your visit to Kansas City.

Planning Committee Contacts

If you have questions or need help in any way concerning the 2014 Conference, please feel free to email any member of our planning committee team:

William Venable (Planning Committee Chair)
Park University

Deborah Toomey
Northwest Missouri State University

Shirly Kleiner, CMA
Past President, ACBSP

Steven Nichols
Metropolitan Community College
ACBSP Region 5 President

Lakshmy Sivaratnam
Kansas City Kansas Community College
ACBSP Region 5 Treasurer

Michael Becraft
Park University