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Kansas City BBQ Pilgrimage

Like Doc Severinsen, Jimmy Carter, Calvin Trillin, and any other  dignitary who has come to our shores, you will want to save back a few bucks on your Per Diem for this special tour.

"Sir Loin" and "Wild Bill" - BBQ Tour Guides

On Wednesday at 7:00 pm, (after Happy Hour) "Wild Bill" Venable (award winning chef and author of three books on Kansas City Barbeque) and his partner in BBQ crime Rick "Sir Loin" Welch, co-founder of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, (KCBS); and author of The Passion of Barbeque), will lead all takers to the hallowed ground of barbecue lore:

Arthur Bryant's

This is an optional excursion (but well worth the effort) and not for the faint of heart. Portions are healthy, the beer is extremely cold, and the price is right (please see menu link below).  We suggest a COMBO (beef and ham) with FRIES. Or try the BURNT ENDS as they are also excellent.  If you are traveling in pairs or hook up with a colleague at Happy Hour, you might want to split a slab of ribs and order some beef brisket by the pound (with extra bread).  In addition to Rick and Bill, we will have other, specially trained, tour guides on hand to teach you the lingo on the way in the door.

Please send an "indication of interest" to "Wild Bill" so that we can handle transportation logistics to BBQ Mecca and back to the Marriott before dawn.  Please be sure to answer all of the question on the Attendee Information Form so that we reserve buses appropriately.  If you have questions about BBQ, please use the special email address below as heavy interest is expected and we don't want to overload his park.edu address.  Thanks!

You can also reserve your seat on an air-conditioned, dvd equipped, limo bus (Steve Nichols, please note the photos for future reference).  The fee including tip is $12 per head.  We have 35 seats on bus number one, and can add more as needed.

Click on the link below to pay for your bus on a secure PayPal link.